Annual Preventive Exam

Annual Preventive Exam. Regardless of your age, it’s essential to schedule an annual physical exam or preventive health assessment, which can be covered by Medi-Cal, private insurance, or paid for in cash. Another option is to choose an Annual Wellness Visit, which is included in Medicare or Medi-Medi.

Think of these routine preventive checkups as a chance to actively monitor your well-being. The main goal is to identify and manage potential health issues, remember, prevention is the best cure.

A Peek into
Your Preventive Exam

Please bear in mind that what follows provides a general outline of a standard physical exam, and the details of your checkup may vary based on your individual needs.

Our healthcare professionals and team will:

  • Check your vital signs, height, and weight.
  • Ask about your current health, medical history, lifestyle, and family medical background.
  • Inquire about any prescription or over-the-counter (OCT)  medications or dietary supplements you may be taking.
  • Assess the health of your various body systems. This might involve questions and discussions.
  • Conduct basic screening tests or refer you to a specialist if needed. The specific tests will depend on your age, gender, and clinical guidelines.
  • For females, this could include a breast examination, cervical screening, colonoscopy, Dexa exam, etc.
  • For males, it might involve a colonoscopy, Dexa exam, etc.
  • Order regular lab tests.
  • Provide advice on managing lifestyle-related health risk factors, such as diet, smoking, obesity, or stress.

If your doctor identifies any potential health risks, they may recommend additional screenings or tests.


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