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Meet our Fallbrook Doctors Margaret (Gretchen) M. Deel and Alvaro Berrios

Fallbrook Medical Center is proud to have Fallbrook Doctor Margaret Deel and Alvaro Berrios, MSN, FNP on staff at the Fallbrook Medical Center site just across the street from Fallbrook Hospital.

Margaret Deel
Medical Director and Family Practice Physician

We are proud to have Dr. Deel as the newest addition to our Fallbrook Medical Center team, our new Medical Director and Family Practice Physician. “In this age of reimbursement driven medical care, I take great pride in taking the time to practice the highest quality of preventive and clinical medicine.”

Dr. Deel is part of the following Professional Societies: American Board of Family Medicine, American Medical Association, University of Virginia Family Practice Association, Explorers of University of Virginia Medical School, Physicians for Social Responsibility and the Samaritans Suicide Prevention Society.

Born in Glen Cove, New York, Dr. Deel has worked in both large inner-city type clinics and small town Family Practice clinics over the past 25 years, and she prefers the smaller offices where she can get to know and treat the entire patient.

Alvaro Berrios
Master of Science in Nursing & Family Nurse Practitioner

Alvaro Berrios, MSN, FNP, provides primary and specialty care in many areas of family medicine including women’s health, pediatrics, acute care and geriatrics for Fallbrook Medical Center. He works closely with Fallbrook doctors at the Fallbrook hospital across the street to ensure his patients are getting the best possible treatment. As a founder of Fallbrook Medical Clinic, Berrios is passionate about providing the best medical practices and services to prevent and treat any illness his patients may develop. He has also created a program to meet the needs of non-insured patients who might not seek medical treatment otherwise. He is a popular caregiver in the Fallbrook area as well as a trusted parter of the Fallbrook Medical Center team. Berrios, along with his years of experience in urgent care and family medicine also consistently volunteers his time and resources to help others.

In L.A. County, Berrios managed health education programs in 10 Latin American Consulates where he also served as the coordinator for the Health Fair of the Americas. He created and implemented health education and prevention programs for underserved communities in L.A. County using T.V. and radio programs. Berrios can often be found at area Fallbrook fairs offering free and low cost health screenings. He received his MSN and FNP certificate from California State University, Dominguez Hills where he earned his Master’s Degree.

Robert Krochalis Soliani
Physician Associate

Having a lifelong desire to work for others, and a fascination with the human body and the study thereof, Robert Krochalis Soliani pursued a goal of a medical education graduating with honors from The George Washington University in Washington DC, as a Physician Associate (PA), with dual Masters degrees in both Public Health and Health Sciences.

Having his skills continually honed in a nearly 20-year career, Mr. Krochalis Soliani has worked in and developed skill and knowledge of community-oriented primary care, international health, (having lived and practiced in Mexico, Ecuador, Italy and the Mid-East) women’s health and obstetrics, pediatrics, emergency medicine/urgent care, holistic medicine, and public health.

He sees service to others as both rewarding in and of itself, and a goal he wishes to continually improve upon in order to reward his patients with satisfying encounters and improvements in their level of health.

Laura Albergo
Physician Assistant

Laura Albergo is a physician associate who received her graduate degree at Arcadia University’s Christiana, DE campus. As a southern California native, she moved back to the west coast and worked as a PA for 5 years at a walk-in family practice. She provided both family medicine and urgent care services.

Her desire to understand chronic illness on a deeper level prompted her to study functional medicine through the American Academy of Functional Health. She is a firm believer in the power of lifestyle to prevent and treat disease. She is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge and tailoring care to individual needs.


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