Looking to improve your physical, emotional and mental health?

Our new virtual holistic health service is perfect for you!
We will help you increase your energy levels, improve your quality of sleep, reduce any type of digestive discomfort, boost your immune system and reduce your levels of stress, anxiety or depression. Lack of time and traffic will no longer be a problem.

Inspired by the health and wellness of our community, we are committed to providing quality, professional and compassionate nutritional care with our dietitian team.

Why FMC nutritional system is ideal for you?

Improve your digestion, healthy microbiota

Forget about insomnia

Decrease in blood sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides

Boost your metabolism

Balance your hormones

Power up your immune system

Meet our dietitian team


Hi, I’m Teresa Chueca. dietitian specialized in mindfulness, food psychology and eating disorders. I promote healthy eating behaviors, body movement, self-care, and optimal health awareness from a non-weight centered approach.

We use practices from:
• Mindfulness
• Food psychology
• Emotional intelligence
• Diet therapy with superfoods
• Respectful movement

We will help you to live a healthy life from
a place of peace, joy, trust and body respect.


My consulting experience has been excellent. Now I can control my glucose with all the recommendations and tools that they have given me. I recommend it with all confidence. Thanks for the service!

– Ofelia, 63 –

She motivate me a lot and each consultation is very enjoyable and motivational. I love that she answers my questions and helps me meet goals. I highly recommend it.

-Margarita, 46 –

Teresa helped me be more mindful in my everyday life and work towards on being my true authentic self. She has truly been able to make a positive impact in my life so I 100% recommend her!

– Gladys, 16 –


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