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At  Fallbrook  Medical  Center  & Kareliz Wellness LLC, our Weight Loss Program offers a personalized, holistic approach with nutritional assessments, Lipo injections,  Glutathione  IV,  Calocurbweight  loss  capsules  and  VibraTherapy. Our expert team is dedicated to helping you achieve your weight loss goals with personalized care and proven strategies.

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Weight Loss Program Fallbrook Medical Center

Achieve Sustainable Weight Loss with the 12-week program by Kareliz wellness

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At Fallbrook Medical Center & Kareliz Wellness LLC, we understand that achieving sustainable weight loss requires a tailored, holistic approach. Therefore, our comprehensive Weight Loss Program is designed to guide you step by step towards your health goals.

Included with our program

  • Nutritional Assessment Consultations: Every two weeks initially, then monthly.
  • Calocurb Supplement: Plan refills based on the duration of the supplement.
  • Lipo Injections: Every two weeks for optimal metabolism.
  • Monthly Glutathione IV
  • Weekly Vibra therapy session: Duration 10 min. (12 sessions)
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Fallbrook Weight Loss Program Price

Weight Loss Prices

  • Monthly regular prices
  • One-time medical visit: $100
  • Nutrional Assessment: $100
  • Lipo Injection: $60
  • Glutathione IV: $130
  • Vibra Therapy Sessions: $60
  • Calocurb: $90
  • Total: $540Special membership offer: Only $250 per month

Additionally, receive these guides: Nutritional Assessment Guide, Food Exchange Guide, Healthy Plate Guide.

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