Physician Assistant

Edilberto Canseco PA-C

We are proud to introduce Edilberto Canseco PA-C, (Eddie) as an esteemed member of our healthcare team here at Fallbrook Medical Center. Eddie has seamlessly integrated into our practice, bringing with him a wealth of experience and a genuine passion for providing exceptional patient care.

With his impressive academic background, including graduation from Stanford University School of Medicine and a master’s degree in medical science, Eddie continues to demonstrate his commitment to delivering the highest standard of healthcare. His dedication to continuous learning and excellence in medicine is evident in every aspect of his work.

Eddie’s professional journey has taken him through various healthcare settings, including emergency rooms, urgent care facilities, and family practices across North County San Diego. His extensive experience allows him to offer a well-rounded and compassionate approach to patient care, ensuring that our community receives the best possible medical attention.

At Fallbrook Medical Center, Eddie is already making a positive impact on the health and well-being of our patients. We are excited to have him as an integral part of our dedicated medical family, and we invite you to get to know Eddie and experience the exceptional care he provides firsthand. Feel free to reach out to us and discover how he can be of service to you and your loved ones.


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