Medical Director and Family Practice Physician

Margaret Deel, MD

Dr. Margaret Deel is a source of great pride for our Fallbrook Medical Center team, where she holds the positions of Medical Director and Family Practice Physician. In a healthcare landscape often driven by financial incentives, she places special emphasis on dedicating the necessary time to provide the highest quality in preventive and clinical medicine.

Dr. Deel is affiliated with several prestigious professional organizations, including the American Board of Family Medicine, American Medical Association, University of Virginia Family Practice Association, University of Virginia Medical School Explorers, Physicians for Social Responsibility, and the Samaritans Suicide Prevention Society.

Hailing from Glen Cove, New York, Dr. Deel brings over 25 years of experience, having worked in various healthcare settings, from large inner-city clinics to small-town Family Practice offices. Her preference lies in the smaller, more intimate settings where she can establish meaningful connections with her patients and provide comprehensive care.


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