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A Healthy Oral Microbiome. You’ve probably heard of the gut microbiome, the trillions of microorganisms living in your digestive tract. They dictate almost every single function in your body and without a healthy balance, you’re at risk of developing diseases and illnesses. 

That’s why taking probiotics and fermented products is crucial in order to sustain a healthy gut microbiome and help promote overall health and longevity. 

But, diet and nutrition start from the mouth, and even though we know there are microorganisms living in our oral cavity, we’ve only recently discovered the importance and role a healthy oral microbiome plays in our systemic health. 


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What is Acid Reflux? Gastrointestinal issues can show up in a variety of different ways and cause myriad symptoms. Acid reflux is one of them and it’s becoming increasingly common in recent years. 

The uncomfortable symptoms of acid reflux are sometimes hard to manage even with the most popular treatments, but it’s about preventing and not treating this condition that should be the main focus. 


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IBS and Serotonin. The connection between the brain and gut is a powerful one and it’s almost impossible to neglect the way they affect each other when something is out of balance. When you’re having digestive issues, you’ll most likely experience mood swings, brain fog, fatigue, and even depression. Here is why. 

Serotonin and the Gut

Serotonin is crucial for your mood and a variety of different functions in the brain. It’s a powerful chemical or neurotransmitter that acts as a messenger between the nerve cells in your brain and all other cells in your body. It also acts like a hormone and that’s why you might know it as the “happiness hormone,” as the majority of publications refers to it as such. 


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