22 November 2022 adminMental Health0

Cortisol is our number one stress hormone that plays a huge role in regulating a variety of different processes in the human body. From helping you fight an infection or deal with an injury to giving you a boost of energy to run from immediate danger and focus in times of crisis.

Even though our cortisol levels change throughout the day, they are supposed to be the highest in the morning when we wake up and gradually decrease throughout the day. If there’s an event or a stressful situation occurring at 3 pm, it’s naturally going to spike, but it should be followed by a natural decline. 


17 August 2022 adminMental Health0

Stress and anxiety are actual pandemic diseases we’re facing today. They are omnipresent and triggered by a variety of factors. Unlike diseases that are caused by a specific virus or bacteria, stress and anxiety can be a result of myriad different events, lifestyle choices, and even foods. 

Stress and anxiety contribute to inflammation and with it, negatively affect both your physical and mental health. It’s crucial to find ways to reduce and manage stress and anxiety in order to prevent serious diseases and promote longevity. 


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