Benefits of Vibration Therapy. This is not a novelty, but it’s been a real buzzword in the last decade. It has many promising potential benefits, from promoting weight loss and improving bone density to enhancing blood circulation and even relieving pain and stress. 

Many health and holistic practices worldwide offer vibration therapy as part of their wholesome regimen, helping patients and customers complement other aspects of their wellness journey. Here’s what only 10-15 minutes of daily vibration therapy can do for your health.


Is there any safe weight loss medication? Ever since celebrities started swearing about its effects, Ozempic has been popularized as a magic weight loss pill, helping you lose unwanted fat in a matter of days. However, the Novo Nordisk medication isn’t a novelty, and its role in managing type 2 diabetes has been known and approved since 2017. What is the science saying about it and can it really help lose unwanted weight in a safe and efficient way? Here’s what we know. 


Sexually transmitted diseases or STDs seem to be more common than we think, and even though most can be prevented with careful sexual interactions and protection, what is one to do when they actually get diagnosed with one?

The busy, fast-paced living of today created an environment of online dating and more sexually-focused encounters. With it, comes the inevitable risk of getting intimate with someone who might be positive for an STD which they aren’t even aware of. And even with all prevention and protection, there’s always a possibility of getting infected. 

All STDs start as sexually transmitted infections, or STIs, which if left untreated, turn into sexually transmitted diseases. And while an infection might result in almost no symptoms at all, a developed disease usually comes with clear signs of something being wrong. So, what to do with an STD? 


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