Stem Cell Patches – How Does it Work?

7 October 2022 by admin0

Stem Cell Patches. You might have heard of people banking their newborn stem cells at the moment of birth or read some interesting and new research about stem cell injections that athletes use to speed up their recovery. And now, a revolutionary, and quite simple new technology is here to transform your life and help you repair and rejuvenate. 

Over 20 years of thorough research, development, clinical trials, and incredible results have resulted in X39®, Lifewave’s stem cell activation patches that activate your own body’s stem cells and help you reach new levels of vitality, improve your overall health and longevity, increase your energy levels, improve your sleep quality, and even reduce the symptoms of aging.

This historic breakthrough brings hope to everyone and anyone who wants to explore their own body’s way of healing and repairing itself without the need for medical interventions and big Pharma. 

What are Stem Cells? 

In order to explain how this new technology works and what role stem cells play in your overall health, it’s important to start with the stem cells themselves. They are our basic, foundational body cells that have the amazing potential to renew themselves and develop into many different types during early life and growth. For that reason, they are often called “master cells.”

There are many different types of stem cells, with the two most important being pluripotent and adult. Pluripotent stem cells have the ability to differentiate into all cells in your body, from brain and nerve cells to skin and bone cells. Adult stem cells, on the other hand, are found in tissues and organs and can differentiate into specialized cells of that specific tissue or organ. 

Additionally, there is a third stem cell type that’s been lab-created in order to perform all the studies and see how they could potentially help in improving people’s health and helping them heal through rejuvenation and self-repair. They’re called the iPS Stem cells or induced pluripotent stem cells. These are adult stem cells that have been reprogrammed to revert back to their pluripotent state.  

Their greatest and most unique property is the ability of self-regeneration, and that’s what keeps you healthier for longer. They also have the ability to grow functional tissues that are able to perform certain functions in the body, from your heart to your liver. These amazing building blocks of all tissues, organs, blood, and your entire immune system also serve as an internal repair system that helps you repair, rejuvenate, and regenerate lost or damaged cells throughout your life. 

The Problem

You might wonder, if stem cells renew themselves, what is the actual problem? Well, due to the amount of radiation and the exposure to electronics, by the age of 35, you will have already lost over half of your stem cell activity, and by age 60, basically all of it. This accelerates aging and slows down any type of healing, whether from a small paper cut or a serious disease. Your body’s own inability to heal or the reduced rate of healing and repairing is what makes disease progress and sometimes even makes healing impossible. 

With these stem cell patches or similar products that might be available in the future, we’re looking at a way of increasing our lifespan by using our own bodies to repair and rejuvenate, strengthening our immune system and helping us protect our organs and tissues from any kind of attack. 

How do Stem Cell Patches Work?

Now that you know why stem cells are so important for your health and longevity, it’s easier to explain how this new revolutionary product works and helps you heal from the inside out. 

Your body emits heat in the form of infrared light and the X39® patches trap this light and reflect it back into the body through organic crystals that change its wavelength. This process, also known as photobiomodulation, makes the emitted light absorbable by your body and it signals the production of a unique GHK copper peptide. This copper peptide has been proven to increase stem cell activity and help them renew and rejuvenate. It also increases energy production in your cells through beta-oxidation and with it, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, lines, and other symptoms of aging. 

Studies have shown that within 24 hours of wearing the stem cell patch, it starts to reset and repair about 4000 genes which results in an immediate effect on people. They experience a reduction in inflammation as well as a notable increase in energy and improvement in mood. 

Within the first three months of consistently wearing stem cell activation patches (12 hours on and 12 hours off), people usually notice an increase in overall collagen in their skin which reduces visible signs of aging as well as stimulates hair growth. Those that don’t experience immediate changes are probably dealing with a stem cell regeneration of something more important first, most likely an organ or tissue with plenty of damage and inflammation. 

Within the first year of consistently wearing stem cell activation patches, people experience a drastic decrease in their vascular age by an average of eight years and notable improvements in their entire well-being. The incredible amount of positive testimonials speak to the effectiveness of these stem cell patches and the amount of hope they give to anyone who’s struggling with a disease, inflammation, or simply wants to mitigate the effect of environmental toxins and radiation we’re all exposed to without our own ability to regulate it and control it.

Final Thoughts

This new technology is showing us that our bodies have the ability to heal and repair themselves, but the amount of radiation and exposure to electronics has made it almost impossible. That’s why we are sicker and more inflamed than ever, with severe diseases and infections only growing in numbers on a daily basis. We are suffering from diseases we shouldn’t be, we are fighting pain and serious life-impairing symptoms we are not supposed to, and we’re given medical and pharmaceutical tools as “solutions” that are only causing us more harm in the long term. Stem cell activation patches help activate your own body’s internal self-repair system and help you support and boost the function of your own tissues and organs. If you’re interested in learning more, here are some helpful resources you can browse through and find out more about this revolutionary product that’s undoubtedly bound to change the world.

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