26 August 2022 adminBlog0

Having a regular fitness routine is important in everyone’s life and even more so as we age. Our fitness needs and requirements change over time, but maintaining a good level of fitness promotes a healthy cardiovascular system, functional muscles, and sturdy bones for years to come. 

A growing body of research supports exercise in the older age and shows how much it affects our physical, cognitive, and functional abilities, improving our health and wellbeing, and promoting longevity. Staying physically active helps us stay independent for longer which really impacts our mental health. No one wants to feel like they need to depend on others for tasks that were once so natural, and regular exercise can help immensely in this department.


17 August 2022 adminBlog0

Stress and anxiety are actual pandemic diseases we’re facing today. They are omnipresent and triggered by a variety of factors. Unlike diseases that are caused by a specific virus or bacteria, stress and anxiety can be a result of myriad different events, lifestyle choices, and even foods. 

Stress and anxiety contribute to inflammation and with it, negatively affect both your physical and mental health. It’s crucial to find ways to reduce and manage stress and anxiety in order to prevent serious diseases and promote longevity. 


15 August 2022 adminBlog0

The connection between the brain and gut is a powerful one and it’s almost impossible to neglect the way they affect each other when something is out of balance. When you’re having digestive issues, you’ll most likely experience mood swings, brain fog, fatigue, and even depression. Here is why. 

Serotonin and the Gut

Serotonin is crucial for your mood and a variety of different functions in the brain. It’s a powerful chemical or neurotransmitter that acts as a messenger between the nerve cells in your brain and all other cells in your body. It also acts like a hormone and that’s why you might know it as the “happiness hormone,” as the majority of publications refers to it as such. 


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